Scholarship Winners 2018

June 6th, 2018

Dear Scholarship Entry Students & Parents,

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to  share “all your reasons as to why you love to dance and what it means to you.” This year we had over 70 entries and it made it so difficult to choose the winners.  I am amazed by your beautiful stories and am inspired by your passion for dance. I am truly grateful and blessed to have so many great students at LADA. Thank you all for sharing with your hearts and continuing your dance journey with us! Please contact the front desk in order to claim your scholarship. 


Congratulations to our essay winners of 2018: 

1st Place Tie – “Isabella Lischka & Jordan Pimentel”

Both Winners of one Full Year Scholarship” 


2nd place – “Ava Russell”

“$150 tuition scholarship”


3rd Place – “Tysa Laidlow”

“$100 Tuition Scholarship”


Honourable Mention: 

$50 tuition scholarship – Amiah Fearn 

$50 tuition scholarship – Andrea Snow Cajina

$50 Tuition Scholarship – Emma Campbell

$50 Tuition Scholarship – Jeriel Geronimo