Holiday Fundraiser Winners

December 22nd, 2018

Thank you to all who supported our competitive dance team fundraisers during the holiday week. If you are a winner please contact us as soon as possible at 204-334-0080 to claim your prize. Please bring in your ticket with you upon pick up for verification. All prizes MUST be  claimed by Saturday January 5th. If a prize remains unclaimed then we will do a re-draw. If you did NOT win please keep your tickets in case of a re-draw. 

 Congratulations to the following winners…

50/50  Winner

Take home $500+ = Pink Ticket #7867802 (Claimed- Congrats to Donna Nuessler)


Raffle Prize Winners:

Prize #1 Play Time= Green Ticket#5371 (Claimed- Congrats to Ana Sousa)

Prize #2 Lottery Tree = Green Ticket #5249 (Claimed – Congrats to Dawn Horne)

Prize #3 What’s Cookin’= Green Ticket #5326 (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #4 Pet-a-Pooloza= Green Ticket #5326  (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #5 Pop it like its Hot= Green Ticket #5464 (Claimed- Congrats to Maryana Kravets)

Prize #6  Zen Zone= Green Ticket#5380 (Claimed- Congrats to Miranda Theriault)

Prize #7  Hair’s to You= Green Ticket #5497 (Claimed- Congrats to Chelsea Sinnock)

Prize #8  Beauty Basket= Green Ticket #5426  (Claimed- Congrats to Michelle Giancola)

Prize #9 Ameri- Candy = Green Ticket #5182 (Claime- Congrats to Caroline Syzek)


Grand Prize Winners:

Prize # 1 L.A.D.A. Package = Blue Ticket = #6584456 (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #2 Feel the Burn = Blue Ticket #6585784 (Claimed- Congrats to Monique Russell)

Prize #3 Hot Stuff = Blue Ticket #6584906 (Claimed- Congrats to Thomaz Junak)