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Holiday Fundraiser Winners

December 22nd, 2018

Thank you to all who supported our competitive dance team fundraisers during the holiday week. If you are a winner please contact us as soon as possible at 204-334-0080 to claim your prize. Please bring in your ticket with you upon pick up for verification. All prizes MUST be  claimed by Saturday January 5th. If a prize remains unclaimed then we will do a re-draw. If you did NOT win please keep your tickets in case of a re-draw. 

 Congratulations to the following winners…

50/50  Winner

Take home $500+ = Pink Ticket #7867802 (Claimed- Congrats to Donna Nuessler)


Raffle Prize Winners:

Prize #1 Play Time= Green Ticket#5371 (Claimed- Congrats to Ana Sousa)

Prize #2 Lottery Tree = Green Ticket #5249 (Claimed – Congrats to Dawn Horne)

Prize #3 What’s Cookin’= Green Ticket #5326 (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #4 Pet-a-Pooloza= Green Ticket #5326  (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #5 Pop it like its Hot= Green Ticket #5464 (Claimed- Congrats to Maryana Kravets)

Prize #6  Zen Zone= Green Ticket#5380 (Claimed- Congrats to Miranda Theriault)

Prize #7  Hair’s to You= Green Ticket #5497 (Claimed- Congrats to Chelsea Sinnock)

Prize #8  Beauty Basket= Green Ticket #5426  (Claimed- Congrats to Michelle Giancola)

Prize #9 Ameri- Candy = Green Ticket #5182 (Claime- Congrats to Caroline Syzek)


Grand Prize Winners:

Prize # 1 L.A.D.A. Package = Blue Ticket = #6584456 (Claimed- Congrats to Laura Nordine)

Prize #2 Feel the Burn = Blue Ticket #6585784 (Claimed- Congrats to Monique Russell)

Prize #3 Hot Stuff = Blue Ticket #6584906 (Claimed- Congrats to Thomaz Junak)

Parents Holiday Week (Dec. 15- 21)

December 1st, 2018

Holiday Presentation Schedule (Click Here)

All holiday presentations will take place at L.A Dance Academy beginning Saturday December 15th –Friday December 21st. Presentations are 30 minutes in length and will replace the students’ regular class. Please refer to your December Newsletter for exact presentation time.  Students will only need to be in class for 30 minutes NOT 60 minutes as this is a special presentation. Due to limited space in the studio we are inviting only 2 guests per student (and siblings). This presentation is for parents to view what their child has been learning for the past couple of months and also gives parents an opportunity to speak with the child’s instructor after the presentation is complete. All other family members will have their opportunity to see students at the year end Recital in May 2019.

All students should dress in their regular dance attire, with proper shoes and hair tied back.  

For the safety of all students and families, it is our school policy that all guests must remove their outdoor shoes prior to entering the carpeted area and studios.  Please feel free to bring slippers to wear while in studios.  As this is a special occasion, everyone is welcome to bring cameras and video recorders.